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中國3D工程師 3D Engineer in China

  • zhangzou, qing liu, Zao an, Fujian Sheng, China
CN¥15,000 - CN¥20,000Product Department

Job description

About us 关于我们

Our mission is to create airsoft products that people love. Products that don’t

need any tinkering to make them work. Products that offer our customers nothing but a great experience.
We are passionate about Airsoft and share the same love for the sport
and the equipment needed. To fulfill our mission, we need like-minded people.



What you will be doing 你会做什么

Located in our Chinese branch office(Zhao'an County, Zhangzhou City or Qingliu County, Sanming City ), you will be working closely with Product Managers and Developers at NOVRITSCH Development Headquater in order to set up the production of a provided Design / Prototype. If you have engineering skills and 3D design capabilities you will also be involved in the design process. You will make sure that reference samples are produced by the factory in a timely manner. You will also help the supplier to set up the production for the NOVRITSCH products according to the given standards. After observing the production, you will be tasked with Quality Control of the products to give the final go before shipping.

工作地点位於中国分公司(漳州市诏安县或是三明市清流县),您将与NOVRITSCH 总部的产品经理和开发人员密切合作,以确保总部提供的设计/样机顺利生产。如果您具有工程技能和 3D 设计能力,您将一起参与设计过程。您将确保工厂可以及时生产样品,帮助供应商根据NOVRITSCH的标准进行产品的生产以及负责产品的质量控制,以便在发货前进行最后的检查。

Overview 概述

  • Evaluating new suppliers 評估新供應商

  • Constant communication between our Vienna HQ and Chinese supplier to move projects forward 我們在維也納總部與中國供應商之間的持續溝通以推進項目

  • Technical problem-solving in all area 全方位解決技術難題

  • Ensuring quality standard 確保質量標準

  • Setting up production processes with the supplier 與供應商建立生產流程

Company offers 公司提供

  • Working in a western fast-growing and innovative company 在一個快速發展和創新的西方公司工作

  • Working in your field of passion 在您熱愛的領域工作

  • Lots of opportunities to grow with the company 您將會有更多的機會與公司一起成長

  • The opportunity of improving your English. 更好的機會提高您的英語水平

Job requirements

Necessary 必要的

  • Advance 3D and 2D design knowledge 熟知3D 和 2D 设计知识
  • Interested in research and development and project management 对研究开发和项目管理经有兴趣者
  • Interested in the Airsoft industry 对枪械行业有兴趣者
  • Proactive, hard-working, good communication skills, not afraid of pressure 积极主动、工作努力、良好的沟通能力和团队合作精神、不怕压力
  • The workplace will be located in Zhao'an County, Zhangzhou City or Qingliu County, Sanming City 工作地点位于漳州市诏安县或是三明市清流县

Ideally but not necessary 理想但不是必需的

  • Mass Production Manufacturing Experience 量产制造的經驗
  • Knowledge about airsoft or gelball teching 水弹枪或气枪行业的技术
  • university degree 大学或同等学位
  • English (NOVRITSCH company language is english) 英语

In addition, you can expect a gross monthly salary of 10.000 RMB - 25.000 RMB for the full-time position depending on qualification and job experience.

此外,根据资格和工作经验,您可以期望全职职位的总月薪为 10.000 元 - 25.000 元